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It's time to come out of the broom closet...

So, COME OUT, come out, wherever you are!

Athens Pagan Society
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Pagans and Wiccans
Hello (Merry Meet) Everyone!!

"Athens Pagan Society" was founded in September 2007...but, APS went away for a while...but, APS is BACK! The reason why APS went away for a while is that it's seems like nobody really cares about it. But, APS is back because we really want to do good things for our city and also APS is back because there are a few crazy people who really hate it. So, come on witches...APS really needs your help to get it going and grow big!

This society was started in effort to help bring ALL pagans/wiccans of Athens and from other places surrounding this area to come together and help them come out of "the broom closet" and help them find others like them and help them on their craft and path. Pagans/Wiccans from other states can join in, too. Hopefully we'll make the world realize that witches are not strange, evil or odd people. We want to try to prove to everyone that witches are also compassionate and caring people. We also know that stereotype plagues many of us, and the only true way to rid yourself of stereotype is to go out and help other people learn about our craft and our ways. We have to teach those people who are afraid of us that we do the SAME things that they do everyday. That the same herbs they cook with, we use the herbs in a different way and that other thing they us, we use too. "Everybody in the world is a witch and does witchcraft and don't even know it!" So, if you are in or from Athens...PLEASE don't be afraid and feel free to join our society.

APS mission is to show all the people that witches are not bad people and that witchcraft is not evil...that what we do is a good thing, not bad...starting with our town. If every witch, pagan, wiccan would help out around their towns while wearing your pentagram, than people would see that they should not fear us for any reason at all. In or out of the broom closet...It's our job to take away that fear they have of us in their lives. WITCHES OF ATHENS(TEXAS, USA), UNITE! )O(Blessed Be)O(

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